Out of the Blue for Journey Practitioners

Out of the Blue – Freedom from the Real Causes of Depression:
A special Journey Practitioner training

Kevin is offering a two-day training workshop only for Journey Practitioners on his latest work; identifying the real causes of depression and clearing it out completely. The work is based on his own experience of suffering from and becoming totally free from clinical depression, and will be informative and experiential.

If you have personally ever experienced anything from a mild case of ‘the blues’ through to full-blown diagnosed depression the course will allow you to identify what has really been causing the pattern and to address it successfully using specially adapted Journey process work. And in your work with clients or loved ones who may suffer from depression, this course is a must if you wish to work effectively and with deepest clarity.

Some subjects we’ll cover:

  • What is depression, and what is it not?
  • Depression’s background, some frightening statistics, and how it is commonly currently ‘treated’
  • The risks, dangers and lack of effectiveness of the traditional approaches.
  • What really causes depression? The factors, conditioning and circumstances that can be involved.
  • The choices available for someone with depression.
  • How best and most effectively to approach the issue as a Journey Practitioner.
  • Some dos and don’ts that will really help.
  • How to get to the root causes and really clear them.
  • Lifestyle and circumstantial factors that will make a difference long term.

As always, we’ll experience the work from the inside-out, using ourselves and our own direct experiences of the work as the main approach. It’s likely to be an intense and liberating couple of days, and places are limited so please reserve your place right away.

Link to a survey which was done after the first seminar of ‘Out of the Blue’ in Australia:
Out of the Blue: freedom from the real cause of depression – Melbourne workshop evaluation

Freedom from the Real Causes of Depression for Journey Practitioners Only – Elspeet, Netherlands – 12-13 November 2016

Cost: €600

What is included: course materials

Date: Sat 12 – Sun 13 November, 2016

Location: Mennorode Conferenticentrum, Elspeet, Netherlands

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Out of the Blue for Journey Practitioners – Amersfoort, Netherlands – 13-14 September 2014

Cost: €395

For members of Journey Practitioner Associations, please enquire about your special discounts Countries included: Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, UK

What is included: course materials, lunch and refreshments

Date: Sat 13 – Sun 14 September, 2014

Location: NH Hotel, Amersfort, Netherlands

Please email Rick Schimmel at r.schimmel@nh-hotels.com for a special offer; (single room €79 and double room €89 per night, incl. breakfast) and use a special booking code: 249.225.862

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Out of the Blue for Journey Practitioners – Israel – 8-9 March 2015

Cost: €395; Early Bird Special: €295 until 1 October 2014

What is included: course materials, lunch and refreshments

Date: Sun 08 – Mon 09 March, 2015

Location: TBA, Israel

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