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chapters of the Journey books
by Brandon Bays

Letting go of your painful past and embracing your true femininity

Real-life stories of women who struggled with low self-esteem, anxiety, worthlessness issues, and finally learned to love themselves and transformed their lives with the Journey method.

I Finally Started Loving and Accepting Myself as a Woman

Dr Navolina Patnaik, Manifestation Coach, Bangalore, India

During my formative years, I suffered almost daily emotional and physical abuse, simply because I was a girl. I started hating myself for being a girl, constantly feeling if only I was a boy then I wouldn’t have to endure such suffering. Feelings of being worthless and damaged took over my life. As a result, I struggled with unexplained fear, doubt and hesitation. I always felt trapped, like being locked inside a box.

During my first Journey Workshop, I experienced stillness, which helped me to acknowledge my body and really connect with it for the first time. I started loving and accepting myself fully for being a woman, which subsequently helped me clear my blocks, limiting beliefs and behavioural patterns that were controlling my life and come to a place of wholeness and healing.

Attending a Journey Intensive just for women is a blessing! It is truly special because of the safety, and embrace of being in an all-feminine energy. Due to my cultural background and upbringing, sharing my personal issues in front of men in public was initially, a huge problem for me. The Journey Intensive exclusively for women instantaneously resolves this issue for all women who may be hesitant to share. Collective Feminine power helps us to create an embrace of love, intimacy, and self-expression. This workshop will allow the participants to connect with their feminine energy in a supportive and nurturing environment.

I would recommend the Journey Intensive for women, to all women who want to live life from a place of freedom by acknowledging and connecting to their feminine self.

I Was a Perfectionist Trying to Do Everything By the Book

Natalia Timkova, 35, Slovakia

I was unhappy, unsatisfied, suffering from bulimia and nervous and anxious all the time. I lived my life according to the rules and still was very confused. I had problems with my kids, my marriage was dull and truthfully so was I - I felt no passion. I was a perfectionist trying to do everything by the book and it wasn´t working!.

After two years in psychotherapy nothing changed. And I was drawn to the Journey. I underwent several private one-on-one sessions before and then decide to go to the Journey Intensive Seminar.

At the Journey Intensive I was completely unaware of being a woman at that time – there was no me. With no self-confidence, I was like a lost kid. However, the seminar helped me to crack open my self-made stone prison opening me to the possibility of becoming whole once more. As this opening continued, I peeled away more and more layers of the rules, beliefs and limitations I had imposed upon myself until my deeply buried womanhood was revealed.

I find being with other women means you can drop any pretence of trying to impress men. You are more open to sharing your deepest emotions, have full permission to express, to cry, to be sexy, in fact anything and everything is allowed in a safe, and loving environment. The energy is stronger and clearer. The space for vulnerability is created which allows you to surrender and realize the truth of YOU, or HER inside. In this allowing and accepting of my own vulnerability it gave me permission to stop pretending I am strong. To know that I CAN ask for help and support. That I don´t need to manage everything. And most importantly, I CAN be myself. Strong, vulnerable, feminine, passionate, furious… I can have all these faces, they are all mine, they are all welcome and they create my unique wholeness.

I strongly recommend the Journey Intensive to all women. To go further, to release old pain, to release old energetic contracts/ties, to relax, to let go and just BE…

Taking Care of Everyone Else's Needs Cost Me My Health

Bet Diening-Weatherston, 55, Canada

In 2006 I was diagnosed with 'in-situ melanoma' and my world flipped upside down. Soon after this devastating news I read Brandon's book, 'The Journey.' Although I didn't fully understand the healing potential of what she was offering, my gut knew that this was exactly what I needed to make friends with my emotions, my body and my being.

It took a full year before I could attend her Journey Intensive seminar in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Over 330 people were in attendance and the energy blew the roof off the building. I was absolutely terrified, committed and entranced as to what lay before me. And I knew, without a doubt, that it was definitely not my mind that had brought me through those doors. Something within me, call it what you will, held my hand and my heart for safe keeping as I weaved my way through the cacophony of emotions that had me fighting for my life.

I realised, after a series of processes, that the common theme to my pain was my relationships with women. The foundational relationship that I had/have with my Mom was to be the core of my healing. I needed to make peace with the strong and forceful teachings that the women in our culture expect of each other. To ignore the body's signals when unwell, to pretend to be strong when terrified and to take care of everyone else's needs, at our own personal expense, cost me my health.

Women need women.

We need each other's permission to be soft and gentle, to be assertive and clear, to be silly and sumptuous...all at the same time. Women need women to be their unrelenting cheerleaders and to want only the highest and deepest healing for both themselves and others.

Men need women to be truthful and fulfilled so that they can be fully expressed and happy. Men need women to show up in relationships as someone who knows what they want and need and to be supported as they walk this intimate and personal talk of what it means to be a woman to them.

Children need women to be fully present to themselves so that they role model what it can look like to be self-honouring, respectful and impassioned by life.

Societies need women to share their views, their experiences and to offer creative solutions to the world's issues.

Humanity needs women to lead, to follow, to speak up and to be silent listeners. Compassion and empathy is not a gender privilege and we need women to express themselves fully without intimidation or fear of retribution.

And finally, I need to continue to explore what it means for me to be a woman, a daughter, a sister, a mother and a wife. Being resilient, truthful and clear about my dreams and aspirations will contribute to the beauty that life is, especially when I have the capacity to share from love, humour and forgiveness.

Together we can and do make significant and meaningful contributions to life...And this offering is experienced one woman at a time, one relationship at a time, one breath at a time. May all women celebrate the beauty that we are. May our voices rise above and may our hearts unite as one.

I Couldn’t Take Care of My Own Needs or Listen To My Inner Calling

Dana Bucur, 41, Romania

As a woman, I was an expert at connecting with others, helping them reach their goals, doing what it takes to make them happy and listening to their life stories. I was such an expert at looking after others that I forget about me! Until one day I became so trapped in my game that I was no longer able to connect to my own femininity, my gut feeling. I couldn’t take care of my own needs or listen to my inner calling.

I realized I needed to rediscover, what is WOMAN (wo man, in Romanian: ‘femeie’). Because I had totally lost all heart connection to my feminine nature. Sure I could flow through life like a man, using my learned masculine gestures but when I looked in the mirror I couldn’t see who I was. Who was this woman in the mirror? It was a very pivotal moment for me.

My life transformed completely when I attended a Journey Intensive in Romania. I clearly remember on that first morning, after remaining silent for years my inner voice spoke, saying: You are most beautiful! Words that I had never heard before, from anybody.

These words literally propelled me at full speed into the Journey Intensive.

The Journey Intensive seminar allowed me to be open and flourish as a woman through quieting my mind, and allowing my held emotions to be expressed, from the kind, warming moments of sharing with others to the gentle meditations throughout the day. Everything caused my body, my mind, my being to relax and allowed me to deepen on my own inner journey, to open more and more, express my deepest fears, anger and sadness and reconnect to my own femininity in a safe, loving and supportive environment.

Attending a Journey Intensive only for women creates a deep trust and bond, a sisterhood of embracing love, support and compassion. It allows an openness of mind, of new possibilities and a shift in consciousness for our world. When women come together and express from truth and authenticity, from the depths of their natural feminine wisdom it becomes possible for this healing to ripple out into our families, communities and the world

From the bottom of my heart I strongly recommend that if it’s your hearts calling to heal yourself, open more fully to the divine feminine that you are and live life as an expression of your true potential, that you attend the Journey Intensive. Listen to your inner calling and make the decision to free yourself from your pain, fear and anger.

Imagine how it will feel in every moment to live life knowing you are beautiful, you are strong, you are divine perfection without anybody having to tell you that. Give yourself the gift of loving yourself from the inside out.

My Feminine Side Suffered Because of My Arrogance

Silvia Kostelna, 39, Slovakia

Life brought me to the Journey when I was dealing with my vulnerability issues. I had already read Brandon's book in 2007 but only made it to the Journey Intensive Seminar when Brandon came to Slovakia in 2013. I didn’t plan it at all, but it found me just in time. (Thanks, GRACE!)

I had always felt a burden of responsibility on my shoulders – a need to be a strong, responsible and reasonable girl and daughter. Yes, I loved fun and had always been quite sensitive, but I neglected this part of me.

After my Mum passed away, I unconsciously shut down even more to my feelings of vulnerability. Instead I faced the world as an even stronger version of me, not sharing, not asking for any help or support. I had an 'I can handle it on my own, can't you see?' attitude. No wonder I felt isolated and lonely, even when surrounded by friends and loved ones.

My feminine side suffered because of my arrogance. I did not want to show it, not even to my loved ones. I did not feel feminine and I did not like the weakness I saw in women. The seminar and the processes changed everything. I fell in love with both my fragility and strength. Having uncovered some trust issues with men I also healed a lot of self-trust and self-worth issues. I feel more feminine and love it. There is so much more genuine joy and freedom in my life!

I feel the Journey Intensive for Women will be so powerful, all the mothers, daughters and sisters coming together and opening to their beautiful infinite wisdom inside - I can't wait! :-)

I remember at the beginning of my Journey I only felt safe and able to exchange processes with women, I knew that I needed to open in a sweet, tender, compassionate, yet powerful way. I believe that this seminar will enable women to fall in love with themselves and welcome everything, their power and weaknesses, their strengths and vulnerabilities.

I would recommend it to all the women who want to end their blame games, who are willing to look inside and discover their own truth. Mothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriends, come, come together, freedom is calling!

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