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by Brandon Bays

How your body is capable of healing itself

Your 6 most burning questions and answers about healing naturally with the Journey

The signs of your healing often may be easily recogniseable or noticeable over time.

With physical healing you: -

  • Get scans or test results that show the illness or condition no longer exists.
  • Notice your symptoms have, of course, disappeared.

With emotional healing you might notice: -

  • Your previous panic attacks or feelings of anxiety no longer occur.
  • You find your cloak of depression has lifted
  • You feel fulfilled, joyous, on purpose in your life.

How can The Journey help you to heal?

The Journey is unique in the field of healing, offering potent step-by-step ways to uncover and use your body’s own natural healing genius. With The Journey Method you undergo a personal inner journey, a series of powerful-guided introspections that give you access to specific cell memories, to times in your life when you were triggered by someone or something and you shut down or avoided your natural emotional response.

The Journey gives you a way to resolve these old cell memories, release any trauma and associated biochemistry from your cells and freeing your cell receptors so they can once more communicate healthily and holistically within your body.

The Journey enables you to complete and come to peace with your past. It strip away the lies and limitations imposed upon you by parents, teachers, friends and society, and pierces through the layers of conditioned ‘protection’, a protection that you thought was keeping you safe, when in fact it has kept you from accessing your own natural healing capacity. The Journey allows you to come to organic forgiveness – of yourself and of others – and to move on freely and healthily in life.

How long does it takes to heal?

Some people experience spontaneous healing after just one process – like my husband and partner in Journeywork, Kevin Billett, who healed from chronic, life-long depression after just one Journey process because he got directly to the root cause of what had put his depression in place and fully cleared it out.

With other people, the illness or life challenge may result from multiple issues or different facets of a single issue. For example you may in one process clear the issue of having been humiliated by a teacher at school but that won’t clear the anger you may have felt, or you may clear that childhood issue of feeling unloved by your mother but that won’t clear the feeling of grief and loss of a loved one. In these cases, of course, you would need more than one Journey process to fully heal.

I always say The Journey is not a ‘Band Aid’, a quick fix one-off method that we then store in the filing cabinet. It is a ‘Journey’. I myself still have a Journey process once a week because I am certain there is more than one issue stored inside my body and I would never be so arrogant as to think I had got everything handled in life!

The Journey Method is a straightforward, practical means of uncovering your inner diamond your innate radiant beauty and really living free from the lifetime of baggage you have collected.

It is a simple and powerful approach that has helped many thousands of people around the world to heal from physical and emotional issues, debilitating illnesses and life challenges, opening the door to joy, inner freedom, vibrant health, boundless potential and wholeness. 

What is the difference between emotional and physical healing?

The Emotional Journey allows you to welcome and experience any suppressed, hidden and denied emotions in an open and loving way whilst the Physical Journey elicits more specifically any repressed memories or traumas stored within your body that may be creating illness or disease.

And ultimately both result in the uncovering and clearing of cell memories, emptying out previous pain, forgiveness of the self and others and coming to a place of wholeness and healing. What The Journey does is give you an opportunity to clear your traumas, hurts, fears, shutdowns and the resulting pain accumulated throughout life.

A big part of The Journey’s popularity is because it helps you to dig deeply, get to the real root cause of your self-limiting and self-sabotaging patterns and clear them completely. Then your true, limitless potential as a divine human being can truly shine!

Who can benefit from it?

Every day we use expressions such as ‘sick to the hind teeth’ or ‘they’re a pain in the side’ or ‘I’ve got the weight of the world on my shoulders’. And very often what we put out there to the universe we get back. We manifest our metaphors quite literally both physically and emotionally.

People worldwide have healed from anxiety, depression, stress, anger, grief, chronic pain, self-esteem issues, physical illnesses, relationship difficulties, abuse, and many other issues using the Journey Method.

They report that they feel lighter, as if a lifetime’s worth of worries, issues and responsibilities have fallen away, their physical bodies, their health, their energy, positivity, their emotional experiences of day-to-day existence, in fact every aspect of their lives have transformed in ways they could barely have dreamt of.

They re-discover their true purpose for living and feel more fulfilled in life than ever before. When you know your true worth then everything in life becomes effortless, a joy, a wonder. You move through life confidently and with a deep sense of gratitude.

And, ultimately, The Journey is for everyone, not just those with illnesses. It’s for anyone who realises that there must be more to life than what we normally settle for. It is for anyone searching for deeper answers to life’s questions and challenges, for anyone interested in a practical, ‘how-to’ method for living a life of infinite potential, purpose and fulfillment.

What other factors are important for healing?

Each of us is different and has our own healing experience, so there is no formula to it, nor any way to ascribe percentage points to the relative importance of each factor; and when we allow our analytical minds to fall away, when we drop our knowing, our beliefs, have no expectations of any outcome, stop striving to ‘fix’ ourselves, stop the story of blame and allow our arrogance to fall away, some divine mystery comes into play.

And in our surrender to what is, we experience an innocence that invites the seemingly impossible to become possible, and all of life can rush in to support the ultimate healing that is possible. So, there is no formula in the process of cellular healing, and The Journey does give some deep guidance as to how we can cooperate with the body’s inner wisdom and expediate natural healing.

At the age of 39, even though I was living a vibrant, healthy, fulfilled life and doing everything ‘right’, I was diagnosed with a tumour the size of a basketball. This proved to be my wake up call, the call to get real and uncover the shutdowns, hurts and traumas, which were unconsciously keeping me from living as an expression of my true essence.

The tumour was my greatest gift, and made me get real, explore the real truth of my being more fully and start living life from a deeper realisation. Putting into practice what I learned in this process, I healed completely and naturally from the tumour on only six-and-a-half weeks’ time.

Since then, my life is an on-going journey of freedom. I feel deeply graced. Each moment reveals more of who I am and I pray that more and more people wake up and find the love, the joy, the profound peace inside themselves, and the natural healing this can bring. My only prayer to life is that it uses me as a vehicle of awakening and healing to our planet.

What if I’m too scared to face my issues?

The Journey is not about getting ‘rid’ of what we perceive to be ‘unwanted things’ rather it’s a processing and welcoming everything within ourselves which is not yet free. We are living in a crazy age of catastrophe, terrorism, earthquakes, hurricanes, financial crises, relationship breakdowns, and physical and emotional traumas. Wherever I go, I see people paralysed in fear, shutdown, afraid to take action.

The Journey allows you to penetrate the lie of these fears and open you to your own divine potential, and I am daily grateful for the Journey tools that help us undergo our own journey and meet and finish with our fears and limiting beliefs. Then from a clear and conscious place we can be inspired to move forward, take action and be a catalyst for positive change in our world.

We are not separate from life or each other and as such the idea of the internal and external somehow needing to relate is simply that, an idea, a concept born of our minds to try to make sense of the mystery we are resting in. When we have come to a sense of peace and wholeness in ourselves then that is automatically reflected in the world around us.

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