Unveiling the Enneagram Secrets and its Profound Teachings for Freedom with Kevin Billett 16.09 - 23.09.2017


The Enneagram Model beautifully highlights our core fears and specific avoidances according to our Enneatype. These teachings reveal how masterfully we borrow unhealthy behaviours and strategies, from all points on the model, in order to move away from pain and instead move towards pleasure. The Enneagram Masterclass is an invitation to explore these unhealthy games and to turn and face the consequences of our actions. With leverage we are then free to be at conscious choice.

Freedom from fixation is what's on offer during the Enneagram Masterclass Retreat.This takes guts and courage as you will be invited to dive deeply into the recesses of your being.These phenomenal tools will teach you how to liberate yourself and be free!


"For 20 years Brandon and I have immersed ourselves in the profound teachings of the Enneagram as a tool for awakening,healing and liberation. Over these years we have had the unique privilege of organically learning – by our own direct experience of working at the deepest level with course participants and clients – some of the extraordinary secrets the Enneagram model has to reveal about the veils of the ego, and how best to focus our direct enquiries and process work to realize Freedom and to unlock the body’s extraordinary innate healing capabilities."

Kevin Billett

Main Speaker

The Pains and the Gains of Busting Through Our Ego Fixations

An In-depth Look At:

  • The generic traits and trip-ups of all fixation points, what they share in common and what is unique to each point
  • How the Enneagram model illustrates and pinpoints our distorted and illusory concepts of separate self
  • The vital importance of core avoidances, drives and traps
  • The dynamics of blends and lines of movement - how they present, what they can reveal, and how to work with them
  • How our binds create unresolvable tensions and contradictory needs that keep us trapped

  • Where your personal 'Emotional No Go Zones' are; the'Death Zones' that can be a shortcut to liberation
  • The intricate games of wilful control, image/approval seeking and avoidance strategizing: what they reveal and how they can be used to set us free
  • Our unconscious coping strategies: using Inflationary, Deflationary and Rigidity behaviours to compensate for our avoidances and hide our true feelings
  • How to 'turn and face the tiger' to be free of the crippling fears of fixation
  • How to learn to embrace, surrender and tell the truth of our fixated experiences

  • How to bring a more integrated understanding of the ways in which we can, through introspection and self-awareness, allow ourselves to focus on and be conscious of living, working and expressing healthy forms of behaviour
  • How to live this work from the inside out, from true Self-realisation
  • Knowing when to let the model go and to live life consciously, as Freedom

The retreat is intense, and is only open to those who have previously been through at least No Ego or higher – though you do not need to be qualified as a Practitioner to attend. This means that we can start deeply – already with a working knowledge of the Enneagram and its powerful beauty – and then dive in deeper.

A Brand New 7-day In-Depth Advanced Enneagram Retreat

Intense Exploration

We will explore the potent aspects of ego fixation such as Friction Binds and Impossible Binds. And we will overlay our basic human drives – sexual, social and self-preservation – on the Enneagram model to explore how our specific fixation blend interacts and distorts these drives in fragmenting and excruciating ways. And as always, we will keep our focus not just on the traps and pains but on the Truth that underpins all fixation, all existence – the boundless Freedom that is our real nature.

A Personal Revelation

The material and teaching will not be work that can be found in a textbooks. This will not be an intellectual or analytical time. It will be a time of authentic exploration, a time of realizing by means of our own direct experience the true nature of the Self, a time to surrender to the essence of what the Enneagram has to reveal to each of us.

Extraordinary Results

The results have been extraordinary, with participants reporting – often from a place of shock and awe – that they had uncovered and cleared core ego patterns that they had never before even recognized; hidden identifications, attachments and unconscious behaviours that had since childhood trapped them in the massive pain of ego separation. They left in exuberance, celebrating a depth of being, a freedom that they had barely been able to hope for.

An Invitation

The EMC seems to be the pinnacle and the greatest depth of ego release that has been born from a 20-year daily experience of exploring Freedom with the rare insights that the Enneagram has to offer. If you have done a load of Journeywork, have loved it, been freed by it and are open to exploring at an even greater, more profound depth then please check out the details below. I would love to welcome you into the absolute liberation of your own soul.


JOIN US IN CÁÑAR, SPAIN, 16.09 - 23.09.2017



Janet McGeever

"This week has been the answer to my life...the answer to the angst, the terror, the hiding – the things that were still plaguing me after so many years of journey work. I get it. I now get it. I just bow over and over to the depth of inquiry that Kevin brings in this retreat. Everyday brought crashing realizations and just got better and better."


Heather Bergbauer

"The processes are worth their weight in gold! EMC is Prac Week, No Ego, Advanced No Ego & India all rolled up into one magnificent week of deepest clearing. No resting, with no mind, no body, no emotions, fully open, simply resting in Bliss! Deepest thanks to you, Kevin and the wonderful support team."


Deryl Rollinson

"A heartfelt gratitude is here for the gift of this work that allows my internal struggle to melt away allowing full participation and more. I welcome the fullness of life. I feel still, peaceful and free to follow my dreams. I am committed to showing up and leading from an open heartedness. Thank you"


Linda Sinden

"The power of this course melts resistances leaving one basking in the eternal presence. A must for lovers of truth."


Kathryn Argyle

"Emptiness, dancing emptiness – this is my gift of this week. The blessing of opening into this, falling off the cliff into nothing and everything – ending games, patterns, lies, beliefs attached to the 8ish flavor kept showing up … to find this Freedom and the Truth that I am none of these. Just emptiness, dancing unbounded through life. Deepest Namaste for the blessing of this opportunity. Thank you Kevin."


Mark Gallo

"By seeing through the lies that set up many games in life that lead to the constant battle, fight and internal and external explosions and burning through them, what remains is a peaceful and tranquil place. Here is this BEING.

In all love and gratitude. Namaste."


Michal Andrejco

"What took place during those 11 profound days of processing could not have been foreseen by me. The rawness, pain and beauty of that experience changed my Being at such a fundamental level that I feel completely 're-booted’! To experience the power of life to its fullest potential, to feel these energies flooding through my body and to become one with all of that, is indescribable.

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Enneagram Masterclass - Cáñar, Spain - 16.09 - 23.09.2017 This course is for everyone who has completed the No Ego, so that a new depth of freedom in our own Being is discovered and that we will be used more completely by Life in service to awakening in others.