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Welcome to the Most Profound Healing Possibility Program on the Planet

The fact you are even reading this means you already know there is more to life

Do you yearn to live life fully on purpose, as an expression of your true potential? And help others recognise their own greatness by facilitating an awakening into limitless freedom, success and vibrant health? Then you are in the right place to begin your journey and join the thousands of Journey Accredited® Practitioners across the globe who live life as limitless possibilities and share your passion.

What is the Journey Accredited® Practitioner Programme?

The Journey Accredited® Practitioner Programme (JAPP) is a seven-part series of profoundly life-changing courses designed to facilitate awakening and healing in every aspect of your life and enable you to facilitate that same transformation, unbridled freedom and vibrant health in others. If you’ve previously undergone the Journey Intensive course (a compulsory prerequisite to JAPP), you already know the transformational depth and power of Journeywork. And you also know that I teach experientially, so the potency and true power of the work will become an essential, innate part of you.

If Everyone Did Journeywork We Could Heal the World


Imagine giving yourself the gift of spending precious time with likeminded people who like you want to make a contribution to world consciousness with this radical new paradigm for cellular healing and liberation, and be a part of the wave of awakening and healing sweeping our planet. You will go on a year-long journey of discovery together, uncovering disempowering behaviors which have driven you your entire life, lifting the lids off the limitations that have kept you small and unfulfilled, clearing cellular memories created by emotional shut down, recognising the infinite potential you already are and leaving you soaring as limitless possibilities and infinite potential.

  • You will learn how to live life effortlessly, supported by a vast array of skills and tools which, like an artist’s palette, you can dip into and use in every area of your life
  • You will move from student to master and become incredibly facile at using elegant, precise, incisive and intuitive ways to work with all who are touched by you.
  • It’s a joyous year of making life-long connections and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you will never forget.

brandon-groupYou may attend any of the courses on offer except for the final eight-day Life Transformation Program and which is open only to graduates of the Freedom from the Ego retreat. Once your application is accepted, in order to become a Journey Accredited Practitioner, you must complete all seven courses and submit 49 cases studies, which will be evaluated at the end of the program. Once qualified you will be added to the worldwide list of Journey Accredited® Practitioners. This list is made available to anyone enquiring about one-on-one Journeywork through The Journey offices. All recommended Journey Accredited® Practitioners and their contact details also appear on The Journey website, and as a recommended Journey Accredited® Practitioner, people from anywhere in the world will be able to contact you.

Be a Catalyst for Change

It never ceases to amaze me that people have an absolute willingness to surrender, dive into the core of their deepest fears and go after anything that keeps them from the radiant potential they are. I continue to have the great privilege to share in the joy and the freedom that people across the globe are discovering, the positive changes in their relationships, careers, health and life in general.

When you reconnect with the truth of who you are, you soar! Seemingly impossible personal barriers simply dissolve, vibrant health and healing becomes available, abundant success in finance, career, creativity is manifested and you connect with greater understanding to family and friends.

A defining point in your life

Through the course of these powerful seminars, your true purpose reveals itself. Your very essence will become an inspiring, transforming presence that will ignite the fire of awakening in others, inspiring them to begin their own healing journeys. You will see the profound difference in yourself and those around you. You will become a force for positive change in the world – ultimately you will BE the change you will see in the world.

I invite you to open your heart, listen to the truth inside, and come join me on the most important journey of your life.


Please download a copy of the Practitioners Application form here and email your completed form to