Journey Presenters

Meet our international Journey Presenters team, all of whom have been immersed in Journey work for many years and have been personally selected by Brandon to present Journey seminars. The Journey and its tools are an integral part of all our team members.


     Alexandra Kalinine (France)

Alexandra Kalinine

Alexandra has always been inspired by contributing to others’ freedom and well-being. She started off as a dancer and choreographer. For her, this art form was a means of spiritual awakening. It was this desire for truth that has carried her throughout her life.

Though she was born in France, she was raised in a multi-cultural environement (speaking French, Russian, English). She loves learning different langages and learning about different cultures. Her true passion is to guide people into delving into their essence, their true heart’s purpose.

Since 2007, Alexandra has been offering private sessions as Journey Practitioner and later, as Conscious Coach, and is currently the Journey seminars presenter in the European French-speaking countries.

Thanks to her own rich experience of the Journey, she understands the deep impact this method can have; she has found true peace in herself and deep connection with others, enjoying them as they are. She was also able to heal the emotional rootcause of a serious ailment. This method has allowed her to live a life of freedom and joy.

Her work with emotions is done in a gentle yet powerful way. It leads to freedom, to the realisation of who we truly are and to the meaning of our lives. Alexandra is renowned for her gentleness and compassion. With lightness, she will carry you in the depths of your being. She has an innate ability to guide people exactly where they need to go, in order to unblock the problem at its source. She does it with sensitivity, love and care.

Anna-Eva Lohe

Anna-Eva Lohe

Anna-Eva is one of the first Accredited Journey Practitioners in Scandinavia and for many years she has been passionately involved in spreading Journeywork throughout Scandinavia. She has been one of Brandon’s selected Senior Presenters for The Journey Intensives and advanced seminars for many years. She is a much loved trainer at all European events, Anna-Eva is known for her energy, clarity, playfulness and warmth. Unleashing the human spirit is the essence of her work. In addition to presenting Journey seminars, she supports  Journey Practitioners in Northern Europe.

                                Arnold Timmerman (Netherlands & Spain)

Arnold Timmerman

Netherlands born (’71) Arnold Timmerman completed his Journey Practitioner Programme in 2004, after which he joined Brandon Bays fulltime in the facilitation of seminars and retreats around the world. In 2008 he was asked to start presenting Journey seminars and retreats in Europe, North America and Israel and to start co-creating and presenting Visionary Leadership modules in Europe.

Arnold took a break in 2011 to focus his attention on getting his books published, his coaching & consulting business up and running and more importantly on enjoying his new family life.

At the end of 2015 Arnold ‘climbed back on board’, this time offering seminars in The Netherlands and Belgium and setting up The Journey in Spain together with his wife Claire (who worked for The Journey for 10 years until giving birth to their daughter Charley).

Arnold’s spiritual and self-development path was ignited at the early age of 11. An active sports life, a master’s degree in Law combined with an extensive extracurricular resume and a career in photography and lifestyle magazine publishing could not prevent the inevitable: he just ‘had to’ switch to a professional career in mind body health and transformation. That decision in 2002 has led him to supporting people and organisations in challenging times and training coaches, consultants and therapists to do so as well.

                          Bettina Hallifax (Germany & Switzerland)

Bettina Hallifax

Bettina was one of the first people from Germany to complete the Journey Practitioner Programme. Deeply touched and impressed with how powerfully Journeywork impacted not only her life, but so many of her clients’,  she felt compelled to spread awareness for this new paradigm for healing and awakening in all German speaking countries.  She’s been working very closely with Brandon for many years and her experience in Journeywork deepens constantly. Bettina has lead seminars in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 2005 and Brandon and all who know her love her openness, authenticity, love of truth, sensitivity and warmth.

In absolute exposure and full surrender, Bettina creates a cradle of support that makes it so easy for participants  to open  into their boundless potential and begin their own personal journeys.

               Debra Billett (UK & Worldwide)

Debra Billett

Debra has a wealth of Journey experience, being the first Journey Intensive Presenter to be chosen by Brandon to facilitate Journey events. She has been involved with Journeywork almost since its beginning: she has been a much loved and respected trainer since 1995 and was one of the first Accredited Journey Practitioners to qualify in 1999 – the Accreditation Program’s first year.

Today Debra is the only facilitator who presents all modules of the full Journey Accreditation curriculum, from the Journey Intensive to the Freedom from the Ego Retreat and Life Transformation week. With a background in business, a PGDip. in psychotherapy and mother to four sons, Debra communicates with openness, practicality, clarity, passion & humour.

    Dorothe Trassl

Dorothe Trassl

As a Psychologist and Yoga teacher Dorothe unites the best of both worlds into her work as Journey Practitioner, Conscious Coach and e-motion trauma yoga therapist.

While living in South Africa with her family the mother of three was working as a therapist and counsellor in a charity organisation where she was confronted with hopeless situations and heart breaking trauma on a daily basis. Her passion has always been not only to assist her clients in healing and freeing themselves but also in empowering the individual to be the change in their communities. She especially loved to work with groups of women and facilitate empowerment programmes.

Since her return to Germany in 2007 Dorothe runs a private practice as coach and therapist near Munich and leads workshops and retreats. She works closely with Brandon and Kevin and many other Journey presenters. She is a senior trainer, translator and facilitates the morning movement as yoga teacher at the advanced Journey events all over Europe and internationally.

Dorothe combines her expertise in Journey work, trauma therapy and yoga into a unique body therapy called e-motion. Her speciality is designing individual movement sessions in support for the group and the retreat to access specific mental and emotional blockages and help the body release stored trauma and emotions.

Her gentleness and compassion is what creates the clarity and the embrace that allows for deep opening and healing. Her voice carries the stillness, trust and reassurance needed to face deepest hurt and surrender softly into letting go.

Gaby Burt (Austria)

Gaby Burt

Gaby Burt, business woman and born Austrian experienced the Journey first in 1996. So deeply touched by the way this work transformed people’s life in such a positive way, she joined the organisation first as a volunteer and was later asked by Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett (Journey co-founder, CEO and Brandon’s husband) to become a joint guardian and Director for the Journey in 2000. Since then, she has been instrumental in introducing The Journey method worldwide and over these years, The Journey has expanded across the globe, is offered in 44 countries, the book is translated in 21 languages and hundreds of thousands of people have and are still benefitting from the work. Having worked alongside Brandon over the past 16 years, the Journey is part of her everyday life. She is deeply steeped in the teachings and it is her natural and deep personal prayer to make Journey work more widely available in Austria.

“When I first experienced the profoundly liberating Journey tools, it became my deepest prayer to make this work available to every human being on mother earth” – this prayer is still the major force in her everyday life.

Irit Lifshitz (Israel)

Irit Lifshitz

Born and raised in Israel, Computer engineer by education and formerly a High-Tec executive.

Irit met the Journey first in May 2010 and fell in love with it from the very first day. After offering her services as translator and events manager for Journey events, she was asked to become the promoter of Journey events and representative for The Journey in Israel. Soon after, she was asked by Brandon to present the Journey seminars in Israel, in Hebrew.

Irit takes care of the Journey with every fibre of her being and dedicates time to flourish the community of Journey grads and Journey practitioners, as well as spearhead the word and message of the Journey to new circles. She offers many specialised and local events as well as taking care of international Journey events.

Her deepest prayer is that the Journey reaches all levels of society everywhere and that all people will have access to this wisdom and experience the freedom, love and light that is our own essence.

“There is nothing more spiritual than being Here and Now, and the Journey brings you directly to that place”. Irit Lifshitz

           Patricia Cihodaru (Romania)

Patricia Cihodaru

Patricia Cihodaru combines her passion for ”The Journey” with 15+ years of experience as a psychologist specialized on psychological counseling, psychotherapy, emotional health of children and teenagers, as well as creativity trainer and emotional intelligence promoter. She is a founding member of the Association for Emotional Intelligence Development ( which main goal is to promote the emotional intelligence in Romania and Europe.

Patricia is author of the upcoming book “Your life EMpowered”, as well as co-author and translator of several personal development books. She met the ”The Journey” in 2011, immediately felt at home and underwent the whole Accredited Journey Practitioner Programme. In 2013 she became co-organizer of the “Journey” events in Romania and since then offered numerous lectures, workshops and one-to-one sessions of ”The Journey” method, which she considers a therapeutic masterpiece and promotes through her entire professional activity (

       Shani Lehrer (Belgium)

Shani Lehrer

Shani Lehrer – Is a Journey presenter, Multi-dimensional Creative Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, Spiritual Healer and Speaker.

Having experienced substantial physical healing inspired by Brandon Bays’ book and The Journey tools, Shani came to the direct experience of healing various levels of her life through uncovering suppressed emotions and in doing so growing into a fulfilled life of creativity and service to others.

Asking existential questions on the meaning of life and nature of divinity since a young age, Shani has grown to become a passionate “Reminder” traveling the world sharing her experience and valuable tools learnt along the way to help people re-connect with their divine potential and innate ability to create their magnificent life.

Endlessly Grateful to Brandon Bays and the Powerful Journey tools, for an everdeepening experience in healing and learning about herself, It is with great dedication and love that she shares The Journey and its tools as keys to uncovering our true-self and living a life of freedom.

North America

              Bet Diening-Weatherston (Canada & USA)

Bet Diening-Weatherston

Bet is a real lover of Truth. She is passionate about creating a safe and trusting space inspiring in others a willingness to explore the truth of who they really are. She has learned that ‘everything’ we have experienced in life can be seen as a gift. Bet invites the delegates to heal themselves by unwrapping the seemingly impossible traumas, diseases and hardships, with compassion, clarity and forgiveness. She will walk the talk with them bringing current real life examples into her teachings for all to share and to learn from. In open exposure and from a place of vulnerability Bet helps stave off the ‘noise’ of life by holding a higher vision of each of us than we can presently see for ourselves.

Bet has been a teacher, a businesswoman and is currently a Journey and Visionary Leadership presenter, coach, practitioner and the lead trainer in North America.

Bet lives with her husband, Cam, in the rainforests of British Columbia, Canada and has a private coaching business called, “Would You Be Willing…To Live Life In Truth-Consulting.” Their two sons are presently studying at university exploring their lives from whole new perspectives.

Bet is a contributing author to Brandon Bay’s booked titled, “Living the Journey”

Annette Nolan (Canada & USA) 

Annette Nolan

Annette, in the truest, deepest part of her being is an explorer, always looking to uncover the deeper Truth. She began taking personal growth and development courses which opened her to see herself and others in a whole new light. Annette experienced first hand, the depth of healing that occurs when able to gently and lovingly find a way back to Source. After an extraordinary experience in 2002, Annette’s path became clearer when she was introduced to Brandon Bay’s book, The Journey. Passionate to learn more about this remarkable tool to deepen her relationship with herself, and to share it with others, Annette became one of the first accredited Journey Practitioners in Canada, having taken her training with Brandon in the US and the UK. She is now also a certified Visionary Leadership Coach.

In her search for the source of Freedom and Peace, Annette has studied, and continues to study many different modalities. This enables her to look at issues from different points and access the most appropriate course for resolution, for herself as well as in her practice.

Currently, as well as being a Journey Practitioner, Annette owns a wellness center in King City, Ontario. Her business, named ‘It’s All About You’ was created to reflect Annette’s passion for helping people. It offers a peaceful environment and safe refuge while at the same time exposing you to the most basic truths. Here, you can experience healing at the cellular level while enveloped in love and truth. Annette has a background in the corporate world, having worked for Coca Cola, Hewlett Packard and Enbridge Gas among others. She is a doting Grandmother, an exceptional wife and a loving friend.

Marie-Sylvie Roy (Canada)

Marie-Sylvie Roy

Marie-Sylvie is a clinical psychologist working in private practice for the past 20 years. She was trained in different modalities of healing from traditional medical healing to eastern approaches. She was introduced to the Journey several years ago and it literally transformed her practice and her life. She became an accredited practitioner as well as a certified Visionary Leadership coach. Totally committed to healing and freedom, she shares with enthusiasm and passion the profoundly transformational and healing power of the journey tools. She found in the Journey a way to access profound transformation and witnessed healing happening from the physical, emotional and spiritual realm. Finally, she found a tool that grasps and uses the unlimited potential that exists in all of us, a tool that is vast enough wide enough to include all possible human experience and restore meaning and dignity even in the most “damaged one”. Her commitment is simply to spread the word about the fact that there is a way, there is a tool, there is a path for healing that request simply that you want to take it.

Sharon Sedgwick-Wilcock (USA)

Sharon Sedgwick-WilcockSharon first heard about The Journey while searching for an emotional healing tool for her pregnant clients. For more than 25 years as a doula, childbirth educator, and woman’s workshop leader, Sharon noticed many women who had everything it takes, physically, to have a healthy joyful birth, yet emotional blocks, deep seated fears, abuse and childhood trauma often caused unnecessary complications. After her first Journey Intensive in the fall of 2003, Sharon began using The Journey processes with her clients, and immediately began seeing a huge difference in their births; and their lives. She is among the first Certified Journey Practitioners in the US having completed The Journey Practitioners training in 2004/05 in the UK with Brandon Bays and is also a Certified Visionary Leadership Coach.

Through her experience as a businesswoman, childbirth professional, marketing and graphic design, Sharon has found that ordinary can create extraordinary results and bring their greatest dreams to fruition, if they can just get past the fear and limiting beliefs that hold them back. Finding and using tools to help people transform, excel, and reach their full potential, has always been one of her greatest joys.

One of Sharon’s greatest joy’s is creating a safe and open environment for all to open into who they really are in love, joy, freedom and self-empowerment. She especially enjoys leading women’s retreats/workshops and red tent sessions and is currently writing her book, “Graceful Pregnancy.”

Skip Lackey (USA)

Skip Lackey

Skip is one of the original people with Brandon in the early days of The Journey before it became a process and is mentioned in her first book. He has been in the personal growth, leadership and wellness fields for over 30 years and has worked directly with over 12,000 clients, taught over 1000 workshops and done over 1000 personal appearances. He was the CEO for Evolution Unlimited – the personal growth seminar company that offered The Journey in North America before he took a much needed break from traveling and is thrilled to be back teaching The Journey again in the US and Canada.

Skip was also instrumental in the creation of Conscious Company – a leadership development company that trained and certified 100’s of Visionary Leadership Coaches in North America. During his hiatus from teaching The Journey, he was busy building several new businesses and you can see what he’s been up to at

Skip also spent over 25 years working in the entertainment industry in every way imaginable and performed live for well over 1 million people on Broadway, Movies, TV, Commercials and he was even a game show host for Nickelodeon and a Ringling Brothers Clown. He brings his sense of humor and presence to everything he does!


Lydia Hoyland

Lydia Hoyland

Lydia was first introduced to The Journey by her mother who attended the live Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays in 2000. Her first experience of The Journey process work was so profound that it sent her on a journey of self-discovery, liberation and freedom. After having completed her Journey Accreditation in 2004 she accepted the position of Co-ordinator and Administrator for Journey Outreach South Africa becoming a Director of the Section(21) company in 2005. She has a deep passion for uplifting and liberating those less fortunate and those who would otherwise not have access to this kind of work. Her prayer was answered by the beautiful projects through Journey Outreach and she has had the immense blessing of working with children and adults in the rural communities of South Africa as well as in Namibia, Botswana and Kenya.

Lydia has a creative and innovative approach to life. She is compassionate and caring, with an extremely sensitive social conscience and consciousness. She is enthusiastic and immerses herself with her whole being in all the projects that she is involved in. She is idealistic by nature and has the capacity to inspire people who cross her path, be they employees, colleagues or Journey-clients. Since 2008 Lydia presents Journey seminars in South Africa and Africa.


Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (India & South East Asia)

Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri

International author, speaker and trainer Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD) is a heart centered dynamic and engaging Journey presenter who and represents The Journey in India and in Brandon Bays own words “is the perfect presenter for The Journey – a genuine embodiment of the work, having used the method to heal from abnormal cells without drugs or survey. She teaches with such love and humour and her wisdom and depth are an inspiration to all who sit with her. Radiant and compassionate she creates an environment of acceptance and safety where all participants can easily open into their own process work in an effortless way. And her expertise and experience in journey work creates a cradle for our minds to relax and allows us to “Dive in” deeply.” With a background in science Dr Choudhuri has a PhD from Oxford University in Biochemistry & Cancer Research and has experience running multi billion dollar international businesses. In 2009 she changed her focus and created a global learning organisation, Vitality Living College, dedicated to emotional well-being, personal and spiritual development. Now she travels around the world delivering seminars in the mind, body, spirit field which also includes certifying practitioner, coaches and trainers in alternate therapy and coaching. For more information visit

Australia & New Zealand

Jan Henderson (Australia)

Jan Henderson

Jan came to The Journey in early 2004. She has a warm and gentle nature. She has been trained by Brandon Bays. She is a Senior Recommended Accredited Journey Practitioner; Director, Coordinator of Journey Outreach – the International Charity of The Journey; Member of Steering Committee, Journey Practitioners Association of Australasia. She has been trained as a facilitator in Transpersonal Counselling and Support, and is an Associate Member of The International Institute for Complementary Therapists. Jan was appointed as a Presenter for The Journey in 2013 and presents The Journey Intensive, Advanced Skills, Out of the Blue Intensive, and the Conscious Abundance Retreat.

Sharon Turton (Australia)

Sharon Turton

As a qualified counsellor, natural therapist and educator, Sharon has been working in the healing industry for over 20 years. Sharon has been delivering Journey workshops for children and parents around Australasia since 2003 and she is now the facilitator of the Journey Intensive workshop in NSW and QLD. She lives in Sydney and works extensively with The Journey conducting group and private sessions with all ages.

Sharon is passionate in supporting people from all walks of life to clear blocks and live to their potential She is also committed to enhancing healthy parent-child communication, fostering a deeper bond and reconnection of this most precious relationship.

She is the author of the book and CD “Connecting Kids- with their Inner Potential” and soon to be released “The Art of Peaceful Parenting”. Contact Sharon on 0412792967 AUS.